The Black Forest Rose Pearl 🌹❄

God loves you. Your family loves you. Your friends love you. Your lover loves you. Your kids love you. Even your pets adore you. Although you are so sure your life is full of love and you know you are loved, Somehow, In the deep dark, you cry yourself to sleep.

During that day, you may read or heard a comment or faced a question or bad treatment that personally offended you. A word after word …. A question after a question … Bad treatment after bad treatment. At some point without realizing it your soul is observing negativity. It’s not your fault. However, it’s not too late to end this nightmare. Let us turn this nightmare to a peaceful dream of positive vibes for you. The magic potion is hidden within the sparkles of The Black Forest Rose Pearl.

~ Angelica Rose


Hi Beautiful,

I am The Black Forest Rose Pearl. Here is the magic potion; for the magic potion to work please follow these steps:

  • I want you to take a deep breath use your day to observe peacefully. Look around you and figure out the source of the “Negative Drama” coming to your life. It could be strangers on social media, family members or relatives, a friend, co-worker and so on. Point is find the source.
  • Create a black list “Negative People” in your mind. This list is you acknowledging that so and so are negative. You may cut them off from your life such as strangers on social media (Block) or keep a distance (co-worker – friend – relatives) or maintain and not change a thing but have a deep honest conversation with that person (family member – lover).
  • If you need to cry if you feel it is right do it!! it is okay. but don’t let negative words make you hate yourself please.
  • Remind yourself if a rose can bloom in the hardest winter storms you can go through negativity without letting it change the positivity of your fabulous life.
  • It is in your hands to feed your soul positive vibes every day.


Dear Reader, Be my Black Forest Rose that blossoms against negativity.


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