The Secret Notes Pearl 📓✍

In a single day, it will only take one person to pull you down by commenting on your body, your look, your personality or the way you process things. It will hurt more if that person says, Don’t be upset. Take it as a constructive-criticism”. However, you feel judged or bullied and deep inside you something is telling you “It’s not a constructive-criticism”. Suddenly, you find yourself repeating the comments, over thinking, to a point where you start adopting others’ views about you. Soon enough without realizing it you stopped admiring yourself, and out of nowhere others’ opinions have tremendous influence on your life.

I believe all of us went through “The Insecurity Stage”. Where our minds stop differentiating between constructive-criticism and negative pointless comments. In case you never went through it or you went through it and find your way out, either ways I SALUTE YOU, WELL DOWN. 👏 Personally, I went through it and found my way out. In case, you still deal with it, I would love to help you out through some sparkles of Self-Love messages, starting with secret notes from The Secret Notes Pearl.

~ Angelica Rose

Hi Beautiful,

I am The Secret Notes Pearl. I am willing to share my secret notes with you. I wish that these notes will give you the needed hope to move from the insecurity stage. Let us get started … Shall we??

Note 1: God loves you, forgives you, gives you what you need, guides you, listens to you and so on. The first thing in your priorities must be seeking god approval. When you follow god words, you will find peace within you and insecurity will be gone to the point other’s opinions and approvals will not matter anymore.

Note 2: Let us escape reality and forget everyone. Your body and soul would never go against you. You know that very well. Why not believing it. Why stressing out and feeling insecure. Come on!! If the world went against you, It is unfair to follow the world and be your own enemy. The only person that will never let you down and deserves your unconditional love is YOU.

Note 3: Thema Davis once said “You are good enough, smart enough, beautiful enough, strong enough. Believe it and stop letting insecurity run your life”.


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