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The Crystal Candles Pearl: Flames of Love Story🕯🕯🕯

It is a hidden love story in a puzzle that you once owned. You could only feel the magic in this story whenever you look in a mirror. One day, you may have looked at the media or a magazine causing you the loss of a piece of the puzzle, within it was the ending of the story. Soon enough, you stopped feeling the magic of this story. The puzzle is broken, the story is lost and the cycle of hate began.

It is a concept that was defined by “X people” throughout media and fashion magazines. Two words “Perfect Body” with a definition full of negative power and message that stole all the love in the story; Your story, your love for your own body. Although, it takes a lot of work to find and refresh your love for your body, it is not impossible. Three candles are burning to give you their flames of encouragement words from The Crystal Candles Pearl: Flames of Love Story.

~ Angelica Rose

Hi Beautiful,

I am The Crystal Candles Pearl: Flames of Love Story. The crystal candles will only blow off once you love your body. The three flames will fade once you accept your body. The story will be told and the puzzle will be solved once you are proud of your body. Here are my three flames:

Flame one

You must start believing that you are beautiful inside and outside “believe in yourself”

47) Flame One

Flame Two

It is impossible to satisfy everyone “stop trying and love your body”

48) Flame Two

Flame Three

There are no standards defining what is a “perfect body”. The imperfections you see in your body are unique and were only given to you. “you are beautiful



50) You are beautiful