The Neon Shadows: A Perfect Blend Pearl 🎆👌🏻

A hateful moment comes right away before you sleep. You are over thinking, questioning the path you are in and you realize you are stuck in a routine. Somehow, you end up repeating the same activities every day. Moreover, you feel you need a break from your life. Your only wish is to get in a plane and fly to somewhere where no one knows you. All you want is a new start and a new beginning. Stop right here, no need to go to the extreme. I bet your life is not a disaster. You are probably just overwhelmed or simply bored.


57) new start


It is time for you to take a break, even for few minutes. Not any 58) favorite beveragebreak; no need for party or mini vacation planning. I am talking about a break that doesn’t cost you money. All you need to do is keep reading while drinking your favorite beverage; coffee for me! This break is presented by The Neon Shadows: A Perfect Blend Pearl.

~ Angelica Rose


Hi Beautiful,

I am The Neon Shadows: A Perfect Blend Pearl. Life is not boring. We lead our self to the state of boredom. We blame it all on our busy life style. We can always improve our lives; add in some fun without the need to start all over again. How to beat up boredom? It is all starts with the neon shadows and perfect blend.

Neon Shadow: “Do What You Love”


Perfect Blend: “Gifts in our Lives”


61) Perfect Blend - 1The fun is guaranteed once we start paying attention to the small beautiful gifts in our lives. Those gifts that blends together perfectly causing us to smile and enjoy life. A perfect blend for you and I; Family, friends, pets, favorite beverage, favorite food, our talent.



  • Turn off your phone; no social media apps and don’t check your email for a day and a night.
  • Spend the day in doing what makes you relax; your hobby. Sport: Gym as an example.
  • It is never too late to put your work on hold and spend quality time with family and friends
  • Hug your pets and play with them

Simply take a day off, only for your self and your 62) Perfect Blend - 2body. Do what you love; that will refresh your mind: spa, sport, music, family, pets, blogging, shopping, cooking, any type of art etc.




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