Rainbow: The Colorful Thought Pearl 🌈 πŸ’­

23) Rainbow

The final raindrop fell after long hours of heavy rain. As the sky starts to clear up, rainbows can beΒ seen at The Secret Garden. AΒ special glowΒ came along with one of these rainbows. A glow known as sparkles. Yes sparkles!!Β not the reflection of raindrops.Β The glow “Sparkles” are coming from Rainbow: The Colorful Thought.

~ π•¬π–“π–Œπ–Šπ–‘π–Žπ–ˆπ–† π•½π–”π–˜π–Š

Hello Beautiful,

I am Rainbow: The Colorful Thought Pearl. Five words came together to form Rainbow: The Colorful Thought. Once you believe inΒ this colorfulΒ thought you can see the sparkles whenever you see a rainbow.

The Colorful Thought: “The Sky is Your Limit




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