The Days of Young Heartbeats Pearl 🗓💝

Dreamy Days

82) Dreamy Days

A young imagination screams excitement. A wide-awake dream with high and untouchable goals. A clever plan promises future achievements. Clear vision. Easy walk through lighted road. These are “The Dreamy Days” of young heartbeats.



Deciduous Days

Slowly a poison 83) Deciduous Daysis spreading and taking away the excitement. Slowly the dream fades in a road that used to be bright and promising. Blurry vision. Some of the goals saw the light while others are falling into the dark. These are “The Deciduous Days” of young heartbeats.


I shared with you “The Dreamy Days” & “The Deciduous Days” of young heartbeats; your heartbeat. More will be shared by The Days of Young Heartbeats Pearl.

~ Angelica Rose


Hi Beautiful,

I am The Days of Young Heartbeats Pearl. As a dreamer with young heartbeats you were on a mission to bring your dream to reality. You had a clear vision. A plan working as a map that guides you through short and long-term goals. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out the way you planned. Sadly, “The Dreamy Days” are over and the chances your dream sees the light is decreased. “The Deciduous Days” is filled with devastation.

You may choose to give up and stop here. I choose to continue to the end. We started with “The Dreamy Days”, got cut off by “The Deciduous Days”. Let us end it with “The Blossom Days”.

Doors of opportunities are closed and things are moving slow for you. Simply, life is not treating you right this year. You reach a point where you question your past choices and wondering what if you done something differently, maybe then your dream or goal would be met.


Blossom Days

85)Blossom DaysFor now, you may feel that things are not working in your favor. Later, you will see that God’s plan for you is much better than your plan. Opportunities will come at the right time and your hard work will pay off.




The Dark Conspiracy VS. The White Mask Pearl 👿🎭

A war with no ending. A million calls for help with no answers. It feels so dark even during the daylight. Explosion of words and actions by hateful people. Those who laugh at you and enjoy seeing you fail. Those who try to fool you as if you are stupid and can not figure out their dirty games. It is more of a “Dark Conspiracy”.

A plan to a win. An explosion of smart moves to shut the haters by The Dark Conspiracy VS. The White Mask Pearl.

~ Angelica Rose

Hi Beautiful,

I am The Dark Conspiracy VS. The White Mask Pearl. The white mask is not me recommending you to be fake. Nope.

The White mask is more of a quick guide on how to act when you are facing “Dark Conspiracy” caused by a hateful person. Whenever you are face to face against a hateful person remember to use the white mask.

The White Mask; Quick Guide / Smart Moves

Those haters will fail once you believe that

“You are the architect of your life”


The Whispers Through Sunset Pearl ( said it all; Smile! it irritates those who wish to destroy you

It is a beautiful world. Let us end the “Dark Conspiracy” with a powerful lyric by The Jonas Brothers


The Shining Star through The Fire Flames Pearl🌟🔥

I mentioned in one of my previous blogs; The Black Forest Rose Pearl 🌹❄: “Remind yourself if a rose can bloom in the hardest winter storms you can go through negativity without letting it change the positivity of your fabulous life”. It is not only about those cold stormy situations. Also, it takes a stormy fire to break the glow of your happiness.

A mix of extreme stress, extreme judgments, losses, limitations and boundaries against you fulfilling your dreams; simply tiredness of life. You may feel weak because of this depressing mix. At that moment, 53) Stormy Fire (depressing mix)you feel a piece of you is gone. As if the whole world teamed up against you. Taylor swift once said “I am just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake it off”. Like any other storm, the stormy fire (depressing mix) will pass. Let us take a few minutes to shake it off until it passes with the help of The Shining Star through The Fire Flames Pearl.

~ Angelica Rose

Hi Beautiful,

I am The Shining Star through The Fire Flames Pearl. There is no right way to shake it off during depressing times.

The key is to do what is healthy and hold the best interest for you

  • Before you take an action such as seeking others help and therapy let me start by saying only you can help yourself. You need to decide by yourself between staying broken or working hard on recovering “shake it off”. No one can help you if you don’t want to really recover. You should want it for yourself before you let others in.
  • It is important as well to keep in fresh mind; remind yourself that those depressing times are tests. A storm of challenges that will not defeat you but will make you strong.
  • Take your time and let your soul breath out all the feelings; sadness or tiredness or depression and so on.

I know it is hard but remember it is within you. A deep power. You may feel it when someone asks you “You keep smiling and you sound fine. How can you remain strong after all this? After all what you went through?” What if no one asks you? does this mean you will not feel it? Of course not, because your power is part of your soul; a shining star glows when you are going through fire flames (depressing times).




The Brightness & Darkness Pearl 🌇🌃

A story with two sides; Brightness and Darkness. Respect was given to the first and rewards were given to the second.

In this story, the world respects who creates opportunities for himself/herself; goes through fair competitions with others, can start a productive conversation, brave enough to say, “I don’t know”. Most importantly, humble enough by letting others shine as well.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. When things shift the world goes upside down in the darkness side of the story. It is a crime where stupidity overcomes intelligence. A crime without punishment. It’s a case where criminals walk away free. In fact, they get rewards of love, appreciation and respect. It’s a war where each one of us is somehow a victim without realizing it. The Darkness and Brightness Pearl can show you how to deal with the Darkness side of the story.

~ Angelica Rose

Hi Beautiful,

I am The Brightness & Darkness Pearl. As kind as you can be. As smart as you can be. As open as you can be. There will always be someone who try to dim your light. The way someone acts may push you over the edge and may bring in negativity to your life. I think we all can relate to Darkness of this story at some point of our lives.

The Darkness (the second side of the story)

There will be a time where you notice one person controlling the flow of conversations at gatherings, parties even meetings and brag about how awesome he/she is. Everyone in the room is paying attention to that person. Moreover, you know there are others who can bring in better topics to the table and you are one of them. It gets worse when you can’t excuse yourself and leave the room so you are stuck for hours hearing silly, stupid talking.

41) The Darkness (Side Two) .gif

For real, doesn’t this happen? If you go through this, wouldn’t you be frustrated? Any intelligent and open-minded person would feel depressed during these hours. I suggest:

at Meetings:

  • Be patient. The meeting will end soon enough.
  • If you have the required courage then try to interrupt that person in a polite way. After that go, ahead and lead the panel.

at no work-related situations such as relatives or friend’s gatherings, parties and so one:

  • Start a sub-conversation with others.
  • Use your phone. Your favorite games and social media apps and music can help you pass time.

As soon as you get home take a deep nap to rest your mind and release all the negativity you may picked up.

There will come a day when you’ll feel like shit and you’ll want to give up on this life and everything else. When that day arrives save yourself the trouble and take a nap


The Diamond Rose Pearl💎🌹

Finally, you are back home after having a rough day. Instead of enjoying the silence and peace the darkest moment; The dealing with “inner pain” came. Nobody can see it but you. The one who is emotionally suffering. You feel it is cutting your heart to the core alongside with bad thoughts coming from your mind. Something encouraging you to give up and stop your heart from beating. In simple words, you want to take away your life. Somehow, it sounds as if you lost control.

Build up emotional pain due to shocking moments and dramatic life changes; going through heartbreak, a close friend betrays you, been cheated on, loss of beloved once and so on can be horrifying. Let us agree, we need a light to end this darkest moment. The light from The Diamond Rose Pearl.

~ Angelica Rose

Hi Beautiful,

I am The Diamond Rose Pearl. My light shines for you and gives comfort to you.

  • My light Shines for you: The “inner pain” is just for a moment not forever. You want to end your life over a moment? Seriously, giving up is NOT AN OPTION. You better enjoy life in good and bad situations. No matter how low it gets, trust me it will pass and everything will be okay. Please stay strong and take it day by day.
  • My light gives comfort to you:

No.   You aren’t alone

Yes.  We all feel this sometimes

No.   You won’t always feel like this

Yes.  The world is a better place with you in it.

The Sound of Ocean Pearl 🎶🌊

When your mood dramatically shifts from happiness to sadness in a moment. A moment where you feel the lowest. A moment where you feel banded and left alone. A moment where you can’t stop your tears from falling on your cheeks because of emotional pain. You feel life is dark and no use of breathing. At some point, you may think no one is here for you. When that moment comes please remind yourself that it is not impossible to bring light and defeat depression and sadness. The light is hidden in the sparkles of The Sound of Ocean Pearl.

~ Angelica Rose

Hi Beautiful,

I am The Sound of Ocean Pearl. Don’t worry!! My sparkle got you the light a depression killer. You only need to follow two steps:

  • Hans Andersen once said, “Where words fail, music speaks”. In my opinion, music is powerful. You and only you can decide what lyrics you want to hear. Have a look at your music list. If you see songs with sad melody and or lyrics about break up stories and or songs that remind you of tough, sad, heartbreak, losing someone close to you type of situations DELETE THEM NOW AND NEVER EVER HEAR THEM AGAIN.
  • Start adding songs that left up your spirit. Find songs with positive messages and happy beats. I want you to listen to these songs whenever you feel the lowest. Trust me this works give it a try and you will say bye bye to depression. Always remember you and I with good music will defeat depression.

I prepared this list for you. Please try to listen to each song

Alicia Keys: Girl on Fire, Bars and Melody: Keep Smiling, China Anne McClain: Beautiful, Demi Lovato: Warrior & Skyscraper, DNCE: Good Day, Jessie J: Masterpiece, Jonas Brothers: I am What I am & Take a Breath, Katy Perry: Firework & Rise, Little Mix: Wings & Little Me, Miley Cyrus: The Climb, Nick Jonas: Beautiful World & Time for Me to Fly, Nicole Scherzinger: Boomerang, Pharrell Williams: Happy, P!nk: Perfect, Sara Bareilles: Brave, Selena Gomez: Intuition & Champion, Shawn Mendes: Something big & Taylor Swift: Mean & Shake it Off.