Breaking News: The Death of a Star Pearl 😭🥀

Back in the days, a “Hi” with a smile was the reason for new friendships to begin. We all can agree on how easy it was to form friendships when we were kids. Back then, with no boundaries or limitations anyone was welcomed to be a friend. As we get older, a “Hi” becomes a form of greeting and the start of conversations with others. Moreover, with no certainty, it may be an open window for new friendships to start. With experience and maturity, each one of us came to his/her own conclusion on what is expected from a friendship and what are the characteristics or qualities that makes someone a friend. One of the blessings of a friendship is when a friend becomes a best friend whom is considered as a sister/brother.

Moments of silence …. As you listen to “No More Drama” song cover by Paige Thomas. which will be followed by a breaking news by Breaking News: The Death of a Star Pearl.


Hello Beautiful,

I am Breaking News: The Death of a Star Pearl. The best friend whom is considered as sister/brother is given privilegespasses (When you do not pay much attention to their mistakes), chances (by being patient with your best friend) and your forgiveness (even when he/she does not apologize). These privileges are taken for granted by some. 

177) Breaking NewsWhen you took the best approach while sharing with your best friend how her/his way of talking made you feel bad, how your feelings were hurt, how the passes, chances, forgiveness you been giving reached the end and that you been silent and ignoring, hoping he/she could take your silence as a warning.


What if the unpredictable happened?? What if your best friend took it in the wrong way, 176) Breaking News The Death of a Staras an attack and pulled on her/his defensive mood? What if your best friend never considered or tried to understand your feelings? What if your best friend anger lead to you seeing his/her true colors? What if after all, you never knew your best friend as much as you thought you did?


“Broken heart again
Another lesson learn
Better know your friends
Or else you will get burn” Mary J. Blige 


Breaking News: The Death of a Star

You may see yourself in a place where you have to break a dearest friendship “the high road approach”; Blue Island Freeze Pearl (  Where you focus on your own happiness. After all, who does not consider your feelings is not worth your time or energy. Truth is some friendships are like a star dead, yet their memories are still shining.





Death Notes: Aftermath Pearl 🔪📑

Death Notes

Death Notes is not a title of a horror movie. It’s a real-life event, where anyone can be the victim. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or how confident and strong you are. Death Notes is a mixture of unjustified hate, jealousy and mostly negative vibes seeking into a positive happy life. Moreover, it is a kind of bulling, where in some cases the identity of the bully is unknown. A group of anonymous and fake accounts aiming at ruing someone’s reputation and personal life. Unfortunately, they can get under the victims’ skins.


161) Death Notes - 1

Any type of bullying such as cyber-bullying may lead the victim to a dark end; self-harm, suicide, depression, mental-illness, body- shaming and so on. Instead of giving the honor and the attention to all the cyber bullies and all the bullies out there by aiming my message towards them, my message goes to anyone who survived or is facing a case of cyber-bullying.

Death Notes: Aftermath Pearl is for

162) Death Notes - 2


~ Angelica Rose

Hello Beautiful,

I am Death Notes: Aftermath Pearl. Death Notes was the dark side with a dark end. Question is Can this end ;(Any type of bullying such as cyber-bullying may lead the victim to a dark end; self-harm, suicide, depression, mental-illness, body- shaming and so on) be changed? Are we going to let cyber-bullies win? Dear survivors and who is being cyber-bullied the aftermath is for you.


The dark end can be bright once the right action with positive mentality is taken.

We will not let cyber-bullies win.

The Dramatic Statement “F-L” Pearl 👌🏻😕

A group of five pearls that encourages the relief from badness “Toxic People”. Pearls that sparkles guidelines towards goodness and a bitter life. They share the same purpose; How to overcome the negative vibes coming from “Toxic People. They differ in terms of the guidelines they provide depending on each one’s unique message. Starting with The Black Forest Rose Pearl; ( a relief from “Negative People”. Followed by The Brightness & Darkness Pearl; ( a relief from “Who control the flow of a conversation and brag about how awesome he/she is”. After that comes The Dark Conspiracy VS. The White Mask Pearl; ( a relief from “hateful person”. Then, August Autumn Winds & September Autumn Wish Pearl; ( a relief from “People who walk away and disappear without goodbye or explanation”.

In case, you already read the messages within these previous four pearls I can say you are ready for the fifth one.

~ Angelica Rose

Hello Beautiful,

I am The Dramatic Statement “F-L” Pearl.


F: Friendship – L: Love

Anytime, your “Friend” seek your advice or help, you gave her/him your full assistance. Out of kindness you put your work on hold to help your “Friend” achieve her/his desired goal. You made sure that her/his project is on point. You contributed in her/his current success. AFriend” who never gave you credit after using your ideas. Moreover, when it comes to your own project she/he never helped you, although you asked for help.

Above was one of the situations where kindness is taking advantage of by a “Friend”. In another case, it can be by a “Lover”. One of the worse feelings is caused by the fact you been taking advantage of due to your kindness and not been valued by your “Friend” or your “Lover”. Now you ask yourself, who will disappoint me next?

The Dramatic Statement

In life, we may experience disappointments. The hurtful ones can be caused by a “Friend” or a “Lover”. We should not let these disappointments such as the example above ruin the pure meaning behind “Friendship”& “Love”.

Let your faith in “Friendship” & “Love” be higher than all these disappointments.

When you love someone
And they break your heart
don’t give up on love
Have faith, restart
Just hold on, hold on, hold on, hold onJonas Brothers

The Darkest Poisons: Beat’em Up Pearl ☠️👊🏻

The Darkest Poisons

Poisons that don’t need to spread to harm. Once they hit, just a touch, it may be the end or just the beginning of permanent suffering. The only way to fully cure is by overcoming them. The Darkest Poisons, same as the ocean, without warning they go storming and dangerous.

121) The Darkest PoisonsSome people get lost, lost in their own poisons, their own fears. Not all fears lead to Depression. However, some may slow us down and some may prevent us from enjoying our lives to the fullest.



I commend those who overcame their fears. put their fears to rest and never let their fears slow them by any means.

Neil Gaiman once said “Being brave doesn’t mean you aren’t scared. Being brave means, you are scared, really scared, badly scared, and you do the right thing anyway”.One of the right things that comes to my mind is US BEATING UP OUR FEARS. First, let us see what The Darkest Poisons: Beat’em up Pearl holds for us.

~ Angelica Rose


Hello Beautiful,

I am The Darkest Poisons: Beat’em up Pearl. So much been said about fears and how to overcome them. I hold for you the ones that stood up to me.

Anyone can list his/her fears. “I am afraid of heights” as an example. However, few understand their fears. Therefore, they can list their fears more accurately. “I am not afraid of heights, I am afraid of falling” as an example.


123) Fears - 1Try to list your fears with high accuracy. It will help you in understanding what you are truly afraid of. Moreover, it will help you in determining the best way to overcome your fears.



Keep in mind


Beat’em up

Beat your fears up with faith and control them.




August Autumn Winds & September Autumn Wish Pearl 🍂🤞🏻

101)August Autumn Winds 1

Paulo Coelho once said, “If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello”. You may be one of those people who believe in his say. Moreover, you work towards having a respectful, proper closures with goodbyes in your life. However, this is not the case in August Autumn Winds.

August Autumn Winds


The end of August, a cold to the core waxes that once were burning candles. Candles’ flames are put to rest as one promise “I am here to stay” ended in the most hurtful way. Soon enough, cold Autumn winds freezes the heart of a lover … the heart of a friend. The heart that belongs to someone who once believed in the one promise and now is left without a goodbye. Truth is you may be brave to say goodbye but some people just leave.

~ Angelica Rose

Hello Beautiful,

I am August Autumn Winds & September Autumn Wish Pearl. We all agree that goodbyes; the end of chapters are hard and the process of moving on is much harder. Some people don’t understand the importance of spending time in communicating with others for better closures or at least to say goodbye. They simply walk away and disappear without a goodbye or explanation. Once August Autumn Winds pass, September Autumn Wish takes place.

September Autumn Wish

The start of September, you may be confused and wondering what went wrong? You may be sad, angry or numb or all of them at once. You may start wondering if you should contact that person or simply deal with a loss without closure? Whatever it is just please keep in my mind my September Autumn Wish for you; I wish for you to understand that:

Who leaves you without giving you closure and a goodbye never respected you and for sure is not worth of you so

The Days of Young Heartbeats Pearl 🗓💝

Dreamy Days

82) Dreamy Days

A young imagination screams excitement. A wide-awake dream with high and untouchable goals. A clever plan promises future achievements. Clear vision. Easy walk through lighted road. These are “The Dreamy Days” of young heartbeats.



Deciduous Days

Slowly a poison 83) Deciduous Daysis spreading and taking away the excitement. Slowly the dream fades in a road that used to be bright and promising. Blurry vision. Some of the goals saw the light while others are falling into the dark. These are “The Deciduous Days” of young heartbeats.


I shared with you “The Dreamy Days” & “The Deciduous Days” of young heartbeats; your heartbeat. More will be shared by The Days of Young Heartbeats Pearl.

~ Angelica Rose


Hi Beautiful,

I am The Days of Young Heartbeats Pearl. As a dreamer with young heartbeats you were on a mission to bring your dream to reality. You had a clear vision. A plan working as a map that guides you through short and long-term goals. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out the way you planned. Sadly, “The Dreamy Days” are over and the chances your dream sees the light is decreased. “The Deciduous Days” is filled with devastation.

You may choose to give up and stop here. I choose to continue to the end. We started with “The Dreamy Days”, got cut off by “The Deciduous Days”. Let us end it with “The Blossom Days”.

Doors of opportunities are closed and things are moving slow for you. Simply, life is not treating you right this year. You reach a point where you question your past choices and wondering what if you done something differently, maybe then your dream or goal would be met.


Blossom Days

85)Blossom DaysFor now, you may feel that things are not working in your favor. Later, you will see that God’s plan for you is much better than your plan. Opportunities will come at the right time and your hard work will pay off.




The Dark Conspiracy VS. The White Mask Pearl 👿🎭

A war with no ending. A million calls for help with no answers. It feels so dark even during the daylight. Explosion of words and actions by hateful people. Those who laugh at you and enjoy seeing you fail. Those who try to fool you as if you are stupid and can not figure out their dirty games. It is more of a “Dark Conspiracy”.

A plan to a win. An explosion of smart moves to shut the haters by The Dark Conspiracy VS. The White Mask Pearl.

~ Angelica Rose

Hi Beautiful,

I am The Dark Conspiracy VS. The White Mask Pearl. The white mask is not me recommending you to be fake. Nope.

The White mask is more of a quick guide on how to act when you are facing “Dark Conspiracy” caused by a hateful person. Whenever you are face to face against a hateful person remember to use the white mask.

The White Mask; Quick Guide / Smart Moves

Those haters will fail once you believe that

“You are the architect of your life”


The Whispers Through Sunset Pearl ( said it all; Smile! it irritates those who wish to destroy you

It is a beautiful world. Let us end the “Dark Conspiracy” with a powerful lyric by The Jonas Brothers