Blue Island Freeze Pearl 💙❄

Occasionally, we meet a soul with a different personality than what we are used to in our lives. Although it is important to be accepting with open heart, yet I believe there is a thin line between accepting this new personality and running out of patience.

172) Blue Island FreezeSince we live in a world with different ways of thinking, some may assume that your welcoming personality and calmness is a pass and a sign telling them you are okay with any behavior, attitude or treatment. It gets worse, when someone, whom you respect and care about left you shocked by the way He/She is talking to you, giving you all the reasons to tell yourself “Wait a minute, I should have never let it pass the last time!” Ultimately, you are out of patience, frustrated or angry. At this point, Blue Island Freeze Pearl got your back.

Hello Beautiful,

I am Blue Island Freeze Pearl. Some people may take your calmness or your respect for them as a justification for them to disrespect you. I believe the smart one with good heart; you, will end up taking the high road.

At some point your respect for them needs to be out of the equation, when you stand out for yourself. 

Remind them that your calmness and patience have a limit with your little harshness and cold feelings like a Blue Island Freeze.


Warm Sun Rays Pearl ☀💛

152) Sun RaysIt’s fair to say there is no limits or end to “Self Love”. It’s one of those concepts where inner hard work is needed for results to be felt within our minds, souls and bodies. Warm Sun Rays Pearl offers us a chance to optimize these results. A chance that we all need to take. Let us fully benefit from this chance to maximize our love for ourselves. Otherwise, it will fly by and may never come back.

~ Angelica Rose


Hello Beautiful,

I am Warm Sun Rays Pearl. The chance I am offering has a warm feeling to it.  

The Chance

The chance is when we figure out what we truly deserve. When we finally stop settling for less than what we deserve. 


When we start telling ourselves “I will wait for what I deserve”.


The chance is the warm feeling of reaching high level of self-worth, when, you realize you are worth it and deserve much more. Therfore, rememebr

Rosa Love: “1st Secret 2 Happiness” Pearl 🌹😍

The Secret Garden is full of beautiful roses. Each one of those roses has a special meaning within thoughtful messages through The Secret Garden’s Pearls. In pervious pearls (The Black Forest Rose Pearl:, The Diamond Rose Pearl: & Ghost White “Diphylleia Grayi” Pearl: we witnessed three of countless roses at The Secret Garden; The Black Forest Rose, The Diamond Rose & Diphylleia Grayi.

Now will witness the fourth rose within Rosa Love: “1st Secret 2 Happiness” Pearl.

~ Angelica Rose


Hello Beautiful,

136) Rosa LoveI am Rosa Love: “1st Secret 2 Happiness” Pearl. The fourth rose is Rosa Love. Rosa Love; Read and White as a combination of true love “1st Secret 2 Happiness”.



True Love “1st Secret 2 Happiness”

The only soul that deserves this rose is a soul that knows you very will to a point where you don’t have to explain yourself. A soul that has been with you through it all. The bad times before the good times. A soul that is worthy all your love. I am talking about your soul.






112) Caution

Countless Situations

Situations where a repetitive mistake is the highlight. Situations with the same bitter irony ending. First Time … Second Time … Third Time … Sadly, the bitter irony ending became a habit. A habit of miss-placing a phrase of three words “I am Sorry”. A habit that must exist sooner than later. Caution “EXTREME BITTER IRONY” Pearl holds a message that shows “I am Sorry” can lower the level of “Self-Love” once it is miss-used … miss-placed.

~ Angelica Rose

Hi Beautiful,

I am Caution “EXTREME BITTER IRONY” Pearl. It is a bitter irony seeing or hearing anyone apologizing in some situations, where it leads to lowering the level of their Self-Love. It is a bitter irony as well when it turns to a habit.

It is time to put an end to this “EXTREME BITTER IRONY”.



119) No Apology - 7Don’t let anyone trick you by making you feel that you need to apologize for who you are, the way you feel, the choices you made in your life, when you done no wrong and when you refuse to be mistreated or lied to.  


The Crystal Rain Drop Pearl 💧🥇

96) Marathon

3, 2, 1 GO!!

A marathon of countless miles. A marathon full of obstacles. The end of obstacle one is the start of obstacle two. Once obstacle three starts, four is on the way and so on. No time to rest in between. There is no simple way to pass. No way to turn back.

In the marathon of life, winning is not counted. It is all about “Champions; The Whole Damn Fire: A Symphony by The Champion Pearl ( “Dreamers” “Survivors” like you; who got determination, faith, hope; The Days of a Young Heartbeat Pearl ( and something special from The Crystal Rain Drop Pearl.

~ Angelica Rose

Hello Beautiful,

I am The Crystal Rain Drop Pearl. I have a special gift for you “The Crystal 97) Crystal Rain DropRain Drop”. A dare was hidden in “The Crystal Rain Drop”. It is a challenge for you champion. So, go ahead take your “Crystal Rain Drop” and read the dare … the challenge.


The Crystal Rain Drop: The Dare … The Challenge

In this marathon of life, each champion has his/her own fans, I dare you to be your number one fan. I challenge you to be your own cheerleader.




Reunion en la de Playa Rosas Perla 💐🏖

Wherever you are now, stop what you are doing and go to your secret and favorite place. A place where you can be by yourself – alone. Where all the voices surrounding you are muted. Where you can hear your heartbeats loud and clear.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and try to relax. Try to relive your favorite and special childhood memories. Let those memories flow freely as flashbacks. Now open your eyes. I bet you were smiling or even laughing.

We may have different childhood memories that are close to our hearts but we all can agree life was much easier back then. We treasure those days as photos. We relive them by looking at our old albums. Some we can remember; special ones and some we forget.

Oh!! How I miss those days with dreamy minds. That time where worries and stress has no place.

~ Angelica Rose

Reunion en la de Playa Rosas (Reunion at The Roses Beach)

77) The Roses Beach

The Roses Beach

As adults, we get shaken – tested by ugly bad circumstances. The bright side is that three of The Secret Garden pearls reunited at the Roses Beach to remind us to never lose or hate ourselves; body, mind, soul and heart. Two of these pearls already sparkled.


Hi Beautiful,

I am Reunion en la de Playa Roses Perla (Reunion at The Roses Beach Pearl). Excuse my high temper. Since we are at The Roses Beach and surrounded with beautiful roses, I decided to present my message in a delicate way by using roses and beautiful backgrounds with some Spanish.

La verdadera definición de la belleza

(The True Definition of Beauty)

Es su propio jardín. Decora y florece

(It is your own garden. Decorate it & Blossom)

El fin de la Reunion (The End of The Reunion)


The Whole Damn Fire: A Symphony by The Champion Pearl🔥🎼

A twist in this summer season. When the sun rises a symphony is on. A symphony that screams success, empowerment and “Pretty mind, silk thoughts – no ties, no drama in my life” Nick Jonas. When the moon is up, slow beat or fast beat, the champion is lighting the night. As an artist of perfection almost made the history fade away. “A WINNER” “The Whole Damn Fire”. A “Champion” that you know very well.

The Whole Damn Fire: A Symphony by The Champion Pearl has finally spoken; This summer the world will witness the real Champion.

~ Angelica Rose

OMG! The Whole Damn Fire: A Symphony by The Champion Pearl is on fire. We can’t read the message now. We should wait until it cools off. In the meantime, let me tell you the meaning behind the featured image.

Made with Repix (

This image was edited by me. The image represents the following facts:

Each member of my family is a Champion

Nick Jonas is a Champion

I am a Champion

Finally, The Whole Damn Fire: A Symphony by The Champion Pearl has cooled off. We need to hurry and read the message before it goes on fire again.

Hi Beautiful,

I am The Whole Damn Fire: A Symphony by The Champion Pearl. I see that Angelica Rose shared the meaning of the featured image. We all can agree on how powerful she is when she said, “I am a Champion”.

Can you guess who is powerful as well? Okay, Besides Nick Jonas? Guess again. Let me tell you

“WINNER” “Whole Damn Fire” “Champion”

You. Don’t be shocked. The intro / letter above from Angelica Rose was about you. This summer Champion is You. So, scream it out loud “I am a Champion”.

The Symphony

The Symphony is yours Champion & you know the lyrics to it by heart. Come on!! sing it out loud

Ouch!! The Whole Damn Fire: A Symphony by The Champion Pearl is on fire again. Thankfully, we grabbed the final piece of this message;

66) The Champion